Welcome to Tack.

Tack provides personal, professional, faith-based, one-on-one executive coaching designed to take your success to the next level. My process and individualized program helps you create plans that are clear, defined and achievable. There are hundreds of paths to success. I help navigate the right one for you.

Ask almost anyone who is successful, effective, inspirational, balanced, philanthropic, and grounded; chances are, they can pinpoint someone in their life who has helped them flourish. At Tack, I feel called to be that ‘someone’ for entrepreneurs, business owners, education innovators, non-profit and church organizations, and high achievers who want to consistently improve and become better leaders.

Purpose. Passion. Performance. Potential. 

Have you ever watched a sailing regatta?

Massive sails. High winds. Choreographed crew.
Notice the one still person amidst the flurry?
That’s the Tactician.

The Tactician doesn’t sail the ship.
They don’t steer.
They provide seasoned, critical, directional insight.
It’s up to the captain to follow it.

You are the captain. I am the tactician.

My goal is to help you win the race.
With endurance, perseverance and joy.

There are hundreds of paths to success. I help navigate the right one for you.

~ Marc Konesco

Tack is led by Marc Konesco

Marc is a demonstrated C-level executive who has successfully scaled enterprise-level organizations, inspired innovations and initiatives which raised millions in revenue, an angel investor who cultivated and launched several thriving companies, and a calculated risk-taker who intentionally left it all to sail and serve in the Caribbean for 2 years with his wife and small children.

Marc brings his knowledge, expertise, inquisitive nature, intuition, wisdom, authenticity and love for people to each and every client.