Meet Marc.

Intuitive ListenerSkilled AdvisorCredible Coach.


People thought I was crazy to do what I did. Here’s the quick backstory:

I love to build two things: businesses and relationships.
I have a solid resume: MBA, COO, SVP, VC, Angel Investor.
I’ve learned. I’ve worked. I’ve lead. I’ve planned.
I’ve climbed. I’ve given. I’ve served. I’ve succeeded.
And then, I was called.
I went from being on boards to being on board.
From the C-suite to the sea.
After strategizing and saving, my wife Jen and I took a calculated risk, sold everything and lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean for 2 years with our three small children. To avoid hurricanes, we served in an orphanage in Costa Rica for 6 months.
The whole adventure seemed crazy. But it brought me clarity.

My goal is help others achieve their goals by sharing my knowledge, experience and passion for people and purpose. I do this through asking, assessing, advising and accountability.

I’m Marc. I’m a husband, father, follower of Christ, entrepreneur, sailor and executive coach.
I’d love to work with you.


Marc Konesco is currently the President and Founder of Tack, an executive coaching firm that focuses on plotting your course, achieving your goals and making it matter. With Tack, you get support, strategy and accountability to achieve business success and begin living a more purposeful and intentional life. Tack is led by Marc Konesco, an accomplished leader who was a COO at a $100M dollar educational organization, the SVP of a startup educational company that raised $25M in private equity and a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of business experience. He has successfully scaled enterprise-level organizations, created campaigns that raised millions in revenues, invested in and launched several thriving companies, and intentionally left it all to sail and serve in the Caribbean for 2 years with his wife and 3 small children. During that sabbatical, Marc realized he could pay it forward to others with a similar vision, dream and trust in God’s guidance. And so, Tack was formed.