Why  Coaching?

Think coaching is a bunch of feel-good circular conversations? Not Tack coaching. We focus on the success of your business, brand, balance and beliefs.

71% of senior executives have a coach.
Average ROI? 520%.
Raising revenue. Accountable Actions. Purposeful Plans. Better Balance.
Now THAT is something to feel good about!

Okay, but is this going to take a lot of my time?

Nope. Just the opposite. The goal is to work less. Earn more. Enjoy what’s important.

Is Tack the right fit for me?
Let’s find out. We offer a free initial coaching session to get to know each other. We commit to providing you at least 2 tactical action items that can dramatically increase your business during this conversation.

(Most people find this session so valuable that they immediately request a proposal for a 6-month engagement.)

How is Tack going to help me?
We start with a conversation and comprehensive assessment. Our process? Meet. Ask. Listen. Assess. Plan. Accomplish.

Who needs coaching?
Every high-achieving person who wants to maximize their effectiveness, improve their leadership, organize their goals, and re-ignite their faith and focus.

It’s a nautical term. It means to turn the bow of the boat through the wind to change direction and set a new course. It can be difficult. It can involve risk. But with the right questions, guidance and strategy, Tack can help you achieve your goals.

Focus Areas:

Professional: leadership development, team development, work-life balance, communication, strategic planning/thinking, capital raise, exit strategy, long-term goals

Personal: clarity of purpose, life planning, career transition, relationships, alignment, creating margin, balance, legacy


For the cost of a leadership or industry conference, you will receive personalized coaching with  meaningful  and measurable goal-setting and one-on-one accountability.

Next Steps:


1. Sign up for a free initial consultation live or webcam (1.5 hours).


2. Decide on level and type of engagement (6 months/ 2x a month is typical).


3. Identify goals, strategy, key performance indicators, progress and success.